Our Newspaper Project!

We are creating a mock school newspaper that will showcase diverse topics (fashion, entertainment, sports, people, etc.), diverse issues, and diverse people in society.  Each student has their own position with the newspaper for which they applied.  They will each contribute something to the newspaper and the final product will be posted to our blog.  Throughout the creation of our newspaper, we will post updates and answer questions about diversity on this site as well as the main 8th grade site!  Please leave questions or comments for us!

Question 1-What does "diversity" mean to you?

Our eighth grade interdisciplinary project is titled "Diversity in Society." Answer the following question in 7-10 sentences. (10% of final grade)

Many have said that we live in a diverse society with diverse people, traditions, beliefs, and ideas. This diversity can be seen in your life, your school, your community, and your world. What does the word "diversity" mean to you? Use examples from your life.

Question 2-Diversity in the news?

Answer the following question in 5-7 sentences. (10% of final grade)

How is diversity portrayed in the news? How are diverse people portrayed in the news? Are diverse groups covered equally?

Question 3-How is your school diverse?

Thinking about your school, in what ways is it diverse?  Think about race, language, teachers, and testing.  Use the data we looked at from the NJDOE Report Card for our school.  Post your response below.

Question 4-How is your class diverse?

Earlier we conducted a poll with your classmates to find out various things about them.  Use these percentages to explain how your class is diverse.  Use specific data and examples.  Post your response below.

Poem-"I am diverse because..."

Using acrostic or free form poetry, express how you are diverse.  What qualities make you unique?  What is special about you?  How would you describe yourself.  Post your poem along with a picture of the diversity mask you created to represent your diverse self!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Question 1-What does diversity mean to you?

what diversity means to me is, the human society.I say this because everyone is different in their own way.People are different races they maybe caucasion, African American, Lation Hispanic, native American, or from the carribean.Some are light skin, brown skin with long or short hair but these aspects dont change us, but we are all diverse.


CMTSGrade8 said...

You talked about a variety of physical differences. Are there differences in beliefs or ideas or other things besides physical appearance?

Sekai Lane said...

yes, there is more to diversity than physical appearance.there is also race religion and people have different gods also.

Sekai Lane said...
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Sekai Lane said...
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